Concerned Canadians successfully force Liberals to back down on Bill C-51


Ottawa, ON – David Anderson, Member of Parliament for Cypress Hills—Grasslands and Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Human Rights and Religious Freedom, today congratulated concerned Canadians for their efforts in pressuring the Liberal government to maintain Section 176 of the Criminal Code.

“It appears that the Liberals have backed away from a troubling clause in their bill, C-51,” said Anderson. “Clause 14 would have stripped religious communities of vital Criminal Code protection against violence and disturbance by repealing Section 176.”

Conservative MPs at the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights proposed two amendments to C-51. The first amendment proposed to keep religious protections (Section 176) in the Criminal Code, while the second amendment proposed to modernize the language of the section. The Liberal-dominated Committee agreed with the Conservative position.

“Canadians of all faiths stepped forward to defend their rights to worship in safety,” continued Anderson. “We did not understand why the Liberals were so determined to interfere with religious freedom when the number of attacks and incidents involving faith communities are increasing. These protections are still being used in court.”

“Thank you for your calls, e-mails and advocacy on this issue,” he added. “Today marks a victory for religious communities in Canada.”

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