CAR: Two priests among dozens massacred as Islamic militants raid church compound

By World Watch Monitor

In Central African Republic, violence reached another peak last Thursday as dozens were killed in the small town of Alindao, in the south-east of the country.

On 15 November, armed men believed to be members of a Séléka off-shoot known by its French acronym UPC (Unité pour la Paix en Centrafrique), a mainly Muslim and Fulani militia, stormed the cathedral and the nearby refugee camp hosting more than 26,000 people displaced following previous attacks in the town and its surrounding villages.

Last year, the same town suffered a bloodbath also attributed to UPC militants. According to Amnesty International, 130 people were massacred on 8 May 2017, though credible sources estimated the toll reached several hundred. The victims were Christian townspeople and villagers, perceived as supporting armed groups that oppose UPC’s rule.