Budget 2018: Big Budget – Few Results


Ottawa, ON – David Anderson, Member of Parliament for Cypress Hills – Grasslands, today addressed the federal Liberals’ 2018 budget. “This budget provides virtually nothing for the people of south west Saskatchewan. As our leader Andrew Scheer said, ‘never has a politician boasted so much, spent so much and achieved so little.’”

While a quarter of last year’s initiatives remain to be implemented, this budget again spends record amounts of taxpayers’ money.

“The deficit is 3 times what the Liberals promised and young Canadians will pay for these irresponsible commitments for decades. Canada is adding $110 billion to the national debt by 2022, bringing it to a total of $730 billion. This reckless spending needs to be reined in or our young people will be buried in debt,” Anderson commented.

While parental leave was extended to give 5 weeks to the second parent, there was no tax relief or support for groups such as seniors or veterans.

The budget announced the establishment of a committee headed by Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s former Health Minister to study the issue of Pharmacare. This is the repetition of a campaign promise made numerous times by the Liberals in the past. The budget commits only to study the issue, a duplication of work already being done by the Health Committee.

Anderson reacted to the Trudeau government’s increased spending. “The way to create a successful economy is to level the taxation playing field for everyone. Taxes have been raised for more than 90% of middle class families by this government. This budget fails to deliver the necessary tax relief that Canadians need. We don’t grow the economy by putting big government ahead of people – there needs to be broad-based tax relief for Canadians.”

Anderson concluded: “The lack of energy and enthusiasm in the Finance Minister’s presentation is indicative of the Liberals’ inability to provide a vision for Canada. Unfortunately, never has there been so much money spent with so little value for the people of Cypress Hills-Grasslands.”

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