Bill C-418: A conversation with Dr. Ramona Coelho on Freedom of Conscience for Medical Professionals

Doctors know the importance of conscience rights to themselves and their patients. I spoke with Dr. Ramona Coelho, MD about my bill, C-418, the Protection of Freedom of Conscience Act. If passed, it would establish penalties if someone attempts to compel participation in euthanasia and assisted suicide.

It’s concerning to hear Dr. Coelho tell us there are “people like me who are being pressured to leave family medicine. I know palliative care doctors in Ontario who have stopped practicing. I know nurses in institutions who are feeling bullied…shift their focus, or retire early… The pressure is there, and we are looking for relief.”

As Dr. Coelho says, “it is my conscience that pushes me to go the extra mile, and I think patient care will suffer if doctors are not allowed to live with integrity and follow their conscience.”

I encourage you to watch the video below:

To learn more about the Protection of Freedom of Conscience Act, click here.

David Anderson, MP