Anderson warns of carbon taxes ahead of climate talks

david-anderson-2Swift Current Online | Written by Joey Donnelly

The Eiffel Tower is lit up green, and environmentally conscious messages are being projected on the monument, as Paris hosts critical climate change talks.

Last week, Prime Minister Trudeau met with premiers and territorial leaders leading up to the talks, and so far, Canada has no clear emissions targets. With Alberta’s announcement last week that it will introduce a carbon tax, Trudeau noted today that 86 per cent of the Canadian economy is now covered, or soon to be covered, by a price on carbon.

David Anderson, Conservative MP for Cypress Hills-Grasslands says instead of another tax, governments should focus on regulations.

“If you want to change out environmental situation, we can do that with a good regulatory system. We have a good one in this country and improvements can be made to it – but certainly that’s a far better way to go than taking billions of dollars out of people’s pockets when it’s unnecessary. Again, you do not need to set up some parallel taxation scheme to rip money out of people’s pockets,” Anderson said.

Prime Minister Trudeau has promised to host another meeting of first ministers, within 90 days of the wrap-up of COP21.