Anderson: Liberal Budget a Nightmare for Cypress Hills–Grasslands


OTTAWA, ON – David Anderson, Member of Parliament for Cypress Hills-Grasslands, today expressed his disappointment in the federal Liberal Budget.

“We left this government with a surplus. In six months, they have somehow turned that into a 30 billion dollar deficit. That’s a broken promise. They project at least five straight deficits with no plan to balance the budget. That’s another broken promise. And they are going to run up 120 billion dollars in debt over the next five years. This is not good for Saskatchewan.david-anderson-2

“There was no need for this government to run a deficit at all. This is a clear demonstration that this Liberal government cannot be trusted.

“Small businesses and families in Southwest Saskatchewan are the heart of our communities. This government has pushed them aside. Small businesses get no break. Payroll taxes for small businesses and their employees are going up, destroying jobs rather than creating them. It’s also unfortunate that the promised Small Business Tax Cut has been set aside by the Liberal government. Raising taxes on businesses will not help the 100,000 laid off energy workers in Western Canada.

“Saskatchewan families with children will no longer be allowed to income split and will lose their child tax credits. This budget is especially troubling for families in the oil and gas sector who were expecting a job creation plan from this government.

“Saskatchewan is being actively discriminated against – the infrastructure plan is geared to be spent in large cities and less than $30-million will be available to our entire province. We will continue to make equalization payments in spite of our slowing economy.

“It’s unbelievable that this government could take a balanced budget, the lowest taxes in 50 years, a stellar job creation record and turn that into a 30 billion dollar hole for our kids to pay off. It is unfair that Canadian taxpayers will be stuck with the bill for the Liberals’ spending spree. We will fight to keep Canadians’ money in their pockets,” concluded Anderson.

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