Anderson joins 32 Conservative MPs calling on Trudeau Government to defend Beef Producers


Ottawa, ON – David Anderson, Member of Parliament for Cypress Hills—Grasslands has joined Rachael Harder, MP and 31 other Conservative MPs in a written letter to the Minister of Finance, highlighting the potential impact that U.S. retaliatory sanctions or tariffs would have on Canadian beef producers.

“I fully support the letter and agree that this Liberal government has failed to prepare for the devastating impact that further retaliatory tariffs would have on our beef producers,” said Anderson. “In this time of uncertainty, the Liberals should be working to keep costs down and supports up for both farmers and consumers.”

In its retaliation to U.S. tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminium, Canada’s included $170 million worth of U.S. beef products. This decision now leaves Canadian beef producers at risk if a fresh round of U.S. tariffs were to be applied.

As of May 2018, Canada’s yearly beef and veal exports to the U.S. stood at $756 million, compared to $249 million in exports to the rest of the world.

“These numbers prove that Canada needs to explore all avenues of free trade,” said Anderson. “This government should be working to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership and other free trade measures quickly. Our farmers should be able to sell and trade with whomever they want. The beef sector’s 60,000 workers require immediate and long-term action.”

Anderson also noted the recent launch of the Defend Local Jobs Tour – an initiative by Conservative MPs which is directly consulting workers, business leaders and labour groups on trade challenges and how they are impacting their lives. Those who wish to participate in the Defend Local Jobs consultation can visit

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