Anderson Denounces Keystone XL Decision

Swift Current Online | Written by Drew Medve

david-anderson-2Ahead of the Paris Climate Summit this week, US President Barack Obama announced on Friday his administration would not give the go-ahead on the controversial and highly publicized Keystone XL pipeline project.

Reaction from Canadian politicians are fairly similar, with both Justin Trudeau and Premier Brad Wall calling the decision “disappointing”, with local MP David Anderson reaching a similar conclusion.

Speaking to SwiftCurrentOnline, Anderson shares his thoughts on the Keystone XL rejection.

“We think it’s another good opportunity to do trade with our neighbours to the south and its unfortunate the Obama administration rejected the science of its own administration of bureaucrats and made a decision against the Keystone pipeline.”

President Obama made the decision ahead of the Paris Climate Summit this week in France, many including Obama saying the project would “undercut global leadership” the United States now demonstrates on the issue. Anderson says the project would have had a direct impact for the southwest region of the province.

“It was important to our riding, it was to run across our riding. There was over 2,000 jobs waiting and it is unfortunate that has been rejected. I think you’ll see that oil going south anyway and the railways are extremely busy. We believe pipelines are a better option than shipping all of it by rail but certainly oil will be moving and apart of our economy in the future.”

Keystone would have transported approximately 800,000 barrels a day from Alberta to the Gulf Coast. The pipeline was estimated to be 1,179 miles in distance.