Anderson Challenges Oberg “Quit wasting farmers’ money” CWB Propaganda Playing out in Eastern Canada

Ottawa – Responding to the Canadian Wheat Board’s latest propaganda campaign, David Anderson, (Parliamentary Secretary for the Canadian Wheat Board and Member of Parliament for Cypress Hills-Grasslands) said, “It’s time (CWB Chairman) Mr. (Allan) Oberg came to his senses and quit wasting farmers’ money. Farmers work too hard to have Oberg and his gang doing this. Even worse, Mr. Oberg refuses to tell producers how much of their money he is wasting.

“At the House of Commons Legislative Committee on Bill C-18, Mr. Oberg refused to answer how much money the CWB is spending on the propaganda, but it’s been rumored that the price tag is approaching $2 million.”

Anderson was responding to CWB ads paid for by western Canadian farmers which are presently playing on Ottawa radio stations. The directors of the CWB are spending hundreds of thousands of farmers’ dollars on ads playing in other Eastern Canadian media outlets as well.

“This is just bizarre. This just demonstrates one more time why farmers need freedom from Mr. Oberg and his cronies,” said Anderson. “There has been no clearer demonstration why farmers need choice than this latest fiasco. Farmers should be furious,” he concluded.

Bill C-18, the Marketing Freedom for Farmers Act, continues to work its way through the legislative process. It has passed through Committee and is now returning to the House of Commons for its final reading. It will then progress to the Senate.