An honour to serve

Our Parliamentary session is coming to an end. While our job as MPs continues until the election in October, it’s a strange thing to be facing the end of my time in the House of Commons after 19 years.

Last week, I did my farewell speech in the House. I talked about what a great honour it has been to serve the people of Cypress Hills—Grasslands. You’ve given me the privilege of representing you and have been unwavering in your support. You’re the best people in the world.

On a practical level, we thank our neighbours in Frontier who have helped out so many times and, once again, proved the benefits of living in a small community. I’ve made friends – many friends – over the years. People across the riding have stood with us, they’ve worked with us, and helped us in so many ways. People we work with make us successful. My staff have always been exceptional and, right now, Anita, Anna Marie, Tristan, and Joycelin serve you so well.

Sheila, my wife, has sacrificed more for Cypress Hills—Grasslands than anyone will ever know. I love her, and we will be spending more time together. I thank God for giving me this opportunity to serve. I know I will miss serving you in the future. Thank you.

David Anderson, MP