Albrecht & Anderson host screening of new documentary film, Strings Attached


Ottawa, ON – David Anderson, Member of Parliament for Cypress Hills–Grasslands, and Harold Albrecht, Member of Parliament for Kitchener—Conestoga, are pleased to have hosted a screening of Obianuju Ekeocha’s new documentary film, Strings Attached, yesterday on Parliament Hill.

Mark Warawa, MP; David Anderson, MP; Obianuju Ekeocha; and Harold Albrecht, MP pose for a photo before the screening of “Strings Attached” on April 18, 2018.

“This was an important opportunity to shed light on this government’s ideological, intrusive and unwanted inclusion of abortion access into Canada’s international aid programs,” said Anderson. “Obianuju is a tireless advocate for the preborn and we were honoured to give her a platform to inform parliamentarians and members of the public.”

Strings Attached exposes the deeply-rooted operation of abortion providers in African countries; many of these countries outlaw abortion. The film provides an extensive exposé on Marie Stopes International, whose operation in Africa is funded in part by the Liberal government.

“First-hand accounts paint a deeply troubling picture of ‘ideological colonization’ in Africa,” said MP Albrecht. “Obianuju was right to reinforce the fact that African women don’t want a culture of abortion imposed upon their communities.”

Born and raised in southeastern Nigeria, Ms. Ekeocha is an internationally-acclaimed speaker and political and social activist. In addition to film producer and author, she is the founder of Culture of Life Africa – an organization dedicated to the promotion of an authentic culture of life in Africa. Her visit to Canada adds to more than 20 countries in which she has spoken; organized conferences; and advised political and religious leaders on issues concerning African families, health care, foreign aid, education, and culture. Ms. Ekeocha currently works as a Biomedical Scientist in the United Kingdom.

“We are appreciative of Obianuju taking the time to address us and are honoured that Parliament Hill was chosen for the premiere of this eye-opening film,” added Anderson.

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