1st Parliamentary Forum on Religious Freedom

Announcement - large - 1stHosted by David Anderson, MP for Cypress Hills – Grasslands, the first Parliamentary Forum on Religious Freedom consisted of three parts:

  • A personal presentation by the family of Neha Munir, a young girl raped because of her parents religious beliefs;
  • A presentation on the roots of, and reasons for, religious persecution;
  • A panel discussion about various forms of persecution with an eye towards finding solutions/actions that can be taken to address the issue in a practical way.

 Additional information can be found in the articles below.

David Anderson to Host Forum on Religious Persecution in Ottawa

March 11, 2011

The poisonous problem of religious persecution is persisting day by day.  It is important that people know that this is a problematic issue and that religious freedom must be asserted boldly.  Persecution on the basis of religious choice must be exposed and eradicated. This Parliamentary Forum on Religious Persecution on March 21, 2011 will focus […]

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MP David Anderson to Host Forum on Religious Persecution

March 3, 2011

“We must do our best to address and confront religious intolerance and religious injustice around the world. This has again been driven home by the assassination of Shabaz Bhatti, the Pakistani Minister for Minorities.” Ottawa – March 3, 2011 – Recent events have highlighted the importance of religious freedom. Cypress Hills-Grasslands MP David Anderson is […]

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