The Morneau Saga continues

Watch this week’s radio commentary below:

This past week, the Morneau saga continued.

The Federal Finance Minister did not put his assets into a blind trust as he had said he would. He forgot to declare a company that held his French villa. He has an Alberta numbered company whose value has grown from $20 million to $30 million since he became Finance Minister. And he has introduced a finance bill in Parliament that ties directly to the services provided by his own company, Morneau Shepell.

The plot thickened when we realized he had another half dozen numbered companies and he refused to say what was in them. There is no way of knowing what personal benefits he has gained in them.

This is just rotten, and last week the Liberals’ answers to questions about this were bizarre. Morneau was trying to bring up other MPs’ incorporated companies, and Trudeau answered by reciting a list of how many kids in each riding were benefitting from their Child Tax Credit.

Then on October 31, Justin Trudeau left Question Period to go out to the media in order to get a picture of him opening his shirt and showing a Superman logo on a T-shirt. That’s what passes for leadership in Canada right now.

David Anderson, MP