Religious Freedom – Yazidis

What We Owe the Victims of ISIS

The Yazidi people of the Middle East deserve justice and respect, not just sympathy or pity, for fighting so valiantly with the West, writes Convivium contributor Susan Korah. By Susan Korah | Convivium “She has a poetic sadness about her like ... Full Article

Five Years After Daesh Unleashed Genocide In Iraq

By Ewelina U. Ochab | Forbes Five years ago, Daesh made an attempt at annihilating religious minorities in Syria and Iraq. One of its largest attacks began on August 3, 2014. On that day, Daesh launched a violent attack against Yazidis in ... Full Article

It won’t be easy to shore up religious freedom

By the Catholic Herald In the decade from 2007 to 2017, religious freedom declined around the world. That is the conclusion of a major new study by the Pew Research Center published last week. Pew found that 52 governments were imposing ... Full Article

A look at blasphemy laws around the world

By Courtney Grogan | Catholic News Agency Islamabad, Pakistan – While the world awaits the fate of Asia Bibi, who remains in hiding in Pakistan following the acquittal of her death sentence for blasphemy, religious freedom advocates are ... Full Article

Yazidis in Iraq: ‘The genocide is ongoing’

Samira Shackle | Al Jazeera Khanke camp, northern Iraq – Wahda cannot sleep. During the day, she and her husband are busy caring for their 10 daughters and two sons inside Khanke camp for displaced Iraqis, located in the country’s ... Full Article