T shirts and Thought Police


Events such as the Calgary Stampede bring people together from all over the world. These celebrations highlight for us our many unique ways of enjoying life and can remind us that variety is still the spice of life. We enjoy and anticipate finding common ground as we party together, BUT… in this day and age in Canada, the default is not always tolerance of others. For some, the only thing that matters is forcing everyone into their image - a move that stifles freedom to live, freedom to believe and freedom to live. How does it come to be that someone else’s T shirts could ruin your day?

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Now that Justin T has singlehandedly stopped the illegal cross border traffic in guns and people, and has moved on to prioritizing pocket knives at Canada Border Services, its time he steps up domestically and puts the boots to a perfidious movement that is sweeping the nation – that is, the epidemic of T shirts with unacceptable messages!

It must be stopped…. and only the government of Canada has the tools to do the job. Why, twice within four days in two different places, CBC/CTV tells us they have filmed T shirts that are causing distress to not only the public but also to political leaders. In fact, the messages are so dangerous that at least two leaders have felt compelled to step up bravely and assert that they ‘disagree’ with the messages.

One T shirt spoke of the need for a male and a female to come together in order to bring about procreation and supported the notion that citizens should dare to stand against bad laws.

The other shirt insisted that Canadian children can use protection from political/social activists in this day and age.

How dare they?  How can we go on??

We are past due on some unique law enforcement – we need the ‘T POLICE’.

Its not enough to stop T shirts. That’s only the surface. We all know that it’s only a matter of time before T shirts lead to Brown Shirts.

T shirts are offensive enough. But what about another Canadian ‘T’ – our ‘thoughts’. Shouldn’t something be done about all those unsupervised ‘thoughts’ in the minds of Canadians?

The ‘T POLICE’ can so be much more – what an opportunity for the government to do what it does best - take control of another area of Canadian’s lives. Justin has done a pass remarkable job by already bringing in laws that choke down the freethinking media and those who would access it. Isn’t the next step getting control of people’s thinking? How can Canadians ‘feel’ safe when others are allowed to think freely and then to express those thoughts without supervision?

How dangerous is it to let people think freely? It can only lead to trouble. Oh, I know there was a time in the past where we could think for ourselves, but times have changed – hurt feelings are the new measure of offense. Sorry if it offends you, but my feelings now have to be measuring stick of your morality.

It’s a simple thing to put a ‘T POLICE’ bureaucracy together. Gather up any number of failed mainstream media types and junior activist professors, sell them as ‘experts’ and insist that the public bend the knee. They will do all the government’s bidding. After all, that worked with COVID, for a while.

It’s pretty clear the results were not so evident when it came to demonizing regular Canadians who drive trucks. But the government is persistent – if you can’t get them one way you can always resort to ‘lawfare’ – abusing Canadians with unlimited resources, dragging out malicious prosecutions, making the process itself the punishment.

This all won’t be easy accomplished, but Justin Trudeau’s history suggests he is the man (he/him) for the job.

‘T POLICE’ - T for Trudeau, T for T shirts and T for Thoughts. Seems to be something every thought less Canadian can get behind!


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