Omicron is Here


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Well, we are in a Christmas COVID pickle. ‘Vaccines’ that were marketed to solve everything Covid related just can’t do the job. And neither do the ‘boosters’. In fact, it is so bad that on December 20th, (once we remove the 0-12 age group which has just been introduced to the jab) over three quarters of the daily cases in Saskatchewan came from those that are fully  vaccinated. Approximately 85 % of the population are vaccinated and 75% of the total cases are now coming from that group – this is the disaster that we predicted was coming. On the hospitalization side it is not quite as bad - 85% are vaccinated while 40% of the hospitalizations are people who are vaccinated. That is not success. After two years, it actually qualifies as a dismal failure that is getting worse by the day.

And unfortunately, it not just here, it is everywhere. Pro football, hockey, and basketball teams are shutting down, not because athletes are sick but because fully vaccinated (and boosted) athletes have tested positive for some variety of COVID.

We knew travel mandates and bizarre passports were a daily joke – this is just the best illustration of that. The only ones that can be sure they don’t have COVID are the ones who test BUT they are the ones who aren’t allowed to travel or eat in. All others – the ‘approved’, the vaccinated, sit beside each other with no clue if the other person is infected.


But there is good news and bad news.

The good news is that the latest COVID panic is political, not medical. A whole pile of overinvested medical and political personnel are crying ‘wolf’ and scaring the daylights out of the gullible. Thankfully, from the beginning of the new Omicron flu, the doctors on the ground have talked about this as a mild cold/flu. And thankfully up until now that is how it has played out healthwise.

But the bad news is that there is a group out there who will never admit they are on the wrong track. They are the ones who have been in charge and they have been obsessed with a single way of approaching COVID treatment. Now, in spite of the science, which they claim to be committed to, they are making all of us suffer one more time because of their fixation on promoting Pfizer’s experiment. I watched with interest the first few days when the word ‘Omicron’ was introduced into our lexicon. We were told this resembled a normal flu or cold. I waited to see if the Covid industry would finally show some common sense. The answer was an emphatic ‘no’. Instead, they terrorized people until many have rushed out to get ‘booster’ shots that even the CDC says will not work. These ‘vaccines’ barely qualify as treatment - they are 25-30% effective.


It’s come to the point of ridiculousness. How long do governments think they can abuse a willing public and get away with it? When are people going to waken up to the fact they are being duped?


This whole thing resembles an old time travelling medicine show. You know, where the wagons rolled into town, horns blaring, signs dangling, advertising the latest elixir. They came with placards ablazing, shysters shouting, and life giving potions near at hand.

There was entertainment and performances worthy of Broadway. Each show was run by a man posing as a doctor who drew the crowd with a monologue. As pitchman he would make grandiose claims about the product's efficacy and he was not above planting phony testimonials amongst the audience.

Miracle elixirs promised to restore health and cure disease. They included all kinds of stimulants that were more addictive than helpful. Miracle cures, elixirs and other various products of a dubious nature promised far more than they delivered and the addictive qualities of the mixtures brought customers back again and again for some supposed medicinal benefit. There was a reason it was called snake oil by sceptics

If the speaker was good he could create fear and a great sense of ‘need’. He would stay at it until his sales pitch wore down the audience and created a desire for his product. His unique ‘treatment’ was the only cure in town.

Once the money had been collected, the show would move on, having ‘taken’ the people in the worst sense of the word.

And when the opportunity was right, they would return for another round of medicinal arm twisting. Once in a while, enough people would catch on and the shysters would leave town on the run,  one step ahead of a personal introduction to hot tar and feathers.


It’s time for us to start to think for ourselves.

It’s clear that medical experts are not the be all and end all. They are still touting vaccine treatments that regulators say can’t combat a virus that is now, by all accounts, closer to a cold than a plague. Doctors are still prohibited from providing, or even suggesting, alternatives.

Governments clearly cannot be trusted. Global leaders, including our own, are clueless and panicked. Their only response, despite the facts, is to promote Omicron as one more excuse to suppress freedoms and tear apart communities and families

It’s time to reconsider where we put our trust. Governments clearly don’t deserve it, media has perverted it, ‘science’ has lost it.

This is a time of the year when many of us have an opportunity to slow down and to ponder our lives. We can take time to think. What’s this world about? Is this world all there really is? If so, why has it gone so crazy right now What’s going on that is true and what is phony??

What am I all about? Why am I allowing others to make me live in fear? Is there anything I can do about it? How is my future going to play out?

The important question is where should I be putting my faith? What is there that is permanent and worth investing my life in? This is the right time of the year to consider these things because it pretty clear that what is spinning all around us is not going to be able to provide any quality long term solution for our lives.


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