So the chickens are coming home to roost at Thanksgiving


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So the chickens are coming home to roost at Thanksgiving. As vaccine mandates kick in all over the province and the nation, new caseloads reveal the complete failure of the government’s initiatives. While vaccines may have reduced symptoms for some, they have not stopped transmission. In fact in the United Kingdom vaccinated cases now outnumber unvaccinated cases in every age group over 30. And we are headed there apparently without a clue of what to do.

The focus on double vaccination through coercive mandates and government documentation has not solved the problem and is now actually contributing to it. And the reality is that medical and political bullies have boxed themselves in, with no other solution.

Weeks ago I pointed out that approx. 20% of the new cases in Saskatchewan were already found in those who had been vaccinated. I predicted that this number would continue to rise as it had in other countries. It has, making a mockery of government moves as they force vaccine mandates and passports on a besieged public.

Let’s look at the present situation in Saskatchewan .

  • On October 7 we were told there were 650 new cases. Health officials conceded that over 25 per cent of the new cases are in fully vaccinated people. Even as that number climbs weekly, it does not tell the real story.
  • If we remove the age group 0-11 which cannot be vaccinated, the percentage of new cases occurring in vaccinated individuals rises to 34% overall.
  • However, that is not even close to explaining what is actually happening. In the 80+ group there were more than three times as many vaccinated cases as unvaccinated (14-4). In the 70-79 group there were 1.5 times as many vaccinated as unvaccinated (12-8). 60-69 it was even numbers vaccinated and unvaccinated. So the oldest three groups range from 50 % to 78% of daily cases which were already vaccinated.
  • Even in the lower age groups which have had lower vaccination rates the numbers are staggering – Ages 50-59, 28 % are vaccinated cases; 40-49, 42%; 30-39, it is one in three, and even in the 20-29 age group the percentage is 30%. This is a snapshot of one SHA daily report but it fits the evolving pattern we can expect in the next months. Vaccination, once or twice or three times will not stop the spread of COVID.


All of this to say, the present ineffective strategy is one that governments will not easily abandon. They are so fervently committed, and so barren of alternatives, that they can see no other reality. Their only vision is that every person be under their control – all vaccinated doubly, triply or more, and our lives controlled by government authorization. While they are confused about achieving the original goal - stopping COVID  - they have confidently pushed forward with a belligerent,  uncompromising political agenda. Overreaching and overarching Emergency Orders, the creation of diversions through passports and mandates, the grasping for power and ongoing manipulation of people through fear are the order of the day. And the numbers continue to rise. Most odious are the vaccine mandates for a ‘vaccine’ that doesn’t vaccinate. Is there anything more arrogant than taxpayer funded bureaucrats setting up ludicrous hoops and hurdles that employed Canadians must crawl through and climb over just to keep their jobs. All this even as case numbers increase. It is most disappointing that Canadians are not standing up en masse to reject this nonsense.


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