Forced mandates for failing vaccines - can’t solve COVID this way!!


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People in this province (Saskatchewan) should be asking some questions. Over the last year they have been assured that they are doing the right thing - that if they got vaccinated, they and their loved ones would be free of COVID .

Turns out that wasn’t true then and isn’t true now. Months ago, while politicians and medical professionals overinvested and put all their eggs in the Pfizer/Moderna basket, more credible agencies like the Mayo Clinic were being much more realistic. Even as they promoted COVID vaccination they were clear in their information:

From -  A COVID-19 vaccine might:

  • Prevent you from getting COVID-19 or from becoming seriously ill or dying due to COVID-19
  • Prevent you from spreading the COVID-19 virus to others
  • Add to the number of people in the community who are protected from getting COVID-19 — making it harder for the disease to spread and contributing to herd immunity
  • Prevent the COVID-19 virus from spreading and replicating, which allows it to mutate and possibly become more resistant to vaccines.’

For many months we heard from media and medical sources that these ‘vaccines’ would eliminate the COVID problem and eventually the virus itself. They lied - either deliberately or because they too had been duped. The reality is that every discussion of these treatments should have started with the word ‘might’ and ended with the words ‘so much is unknown’.

And now, that ‘might’ is coming back to haunt us. COVID is alive and well in the vaccinated community. Panicked vaccine mandates will do nothing to stop or slow it down and indeed may accelerate the spread of the disease. Let me explain.

For two or three months now researchers such as former NYTimes reporter Alex Berenson have followed the data from highly vaccinated regions, such as Israel. They have been writing about the dropping efficacy of the COVID vaccines and how more and more people who have gotten the Pfizer/Moderna shots are now getting, and transmitting, COVID. Now mainstream organizations are being forced to pick up the story as infection rates rise around the globe. It is not just ‘variants’ or the ‘unwashed unvaccinated’ that are causing the increase, a major reason for the escalation is the decreasing function of the ‘vaccines’ that have been so prominently promoted.

The reality is that COVID is still being caught and transmitted in spite of vaccination. Let me give you a local example - take a look at the Sask Health authorities case load for August 22, 2021. It is fascinating and disrupts the narrative that mandatory vaccines will solve this problem.

What we need is either far better vaccines or herd immunity, because what we have now is not working.

Here is the chart from that day:

COVID-19 new cases and vaccination status, August 22, 2021

Age Group


 Vaccinated, with One dose, and or two doses <14 days

Vaccinated, Second dose >=14 days 

Total new cases










































The lower age groups have a far lower rate of vaccination because the impact of COVID has been less in those groups and there are still age restrictions on vaccination.
However, look at the 60-69 age group – more vaccinated individuals were found to have COVID  that day  than nonvaccinated. In the 30-39 and 40-49 age groups fully one third of the new cases are fully vaccinated. 50-59 age group 25 % are fully vaccinated persons. And these numbers exist, even as Sask Health is telling those who have been vaccinated not to come and get tested if they have been exposed unless they show direct symptoms. How much higher are the COVID numbers in vaccinated individuals, with minor or no symptoms? There is no way to know. However, each of those persons is a real risk to those who are around them – vaccinated or unvaccinated.

Obviously, vaccine mandates aren’t going to stop this. Then, why are we hearing so much about them?

 Here are two reasons – one, we are on a track that most political and medical experts have insisted will take us out of this crisis. To change approach means we have not been on the right path. How many leaders have the courage to do that? Very few. So the alternative is to continue the panicked political response - that these ‘treatments’ will somehow, in spite of reality, solve this problem. Let’s blame the unvaccinated, force everyone to get vaccinated, get a few months more time and hope COVID dies out before we need a fourth or fifth or sixth ‘treatment’.

Second, there are those who believe that since these ‘treatments’ may lessen symptoms (even if they mask transmission), that it is worth it to force everyone to comply. However that is a zero sum game. COVID goes ‘underground’, is far more difficult to track and illness continues.

There is growing evidence that COVID mutations are sidestepping the new technology in these ‘vaccines’ because of the ‘vaccine’ limitations.

No one knows the long term effects of this new technology that Pfizer and Moderna are selling. There are hundreds of 1000s of adverse reactions reported just in the US alone. Do we just keep doing the same things the same way now that we know these treatments provide little long term protection and it is clear that COVID transmission is not being halted by them?

Interestingly it is the traditional vaccine, from Johnson and Johnson, using the old antibody model, that now appears to give coverage several times longer than the others.


Thankfully at this point our provincial government has not followed the bizarre moves across Canada to force vaccine mandates on sports fans, shoppers, and employees. These are a vicious way to punish people who are not to blame for the fear and failures that have accompanied COVID.

The remarkable thing is that this is not being covered more thoroughly. Perhaps it will now that organs like the BBC and the Sun Newspaper chain here in Canada are recognizing the shortcomings of the present response. The general public needs to be informed about this – every citizen should be discussing it so that they can freely make their own decisions about how they and their families can best deal with COVID.


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