Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia are fleeing to Finland to escape persecution

By Cristina Maza | Newsweek

Jehovah’s Witnesses who face persecution in Russia are fleeing to nearby Finland, where they are allowed to worship freely, according to the religious group’s representatives.

There are nearly 300 Jehovah’s Witnesses currently seeking asylum in the Nordic country, but it’s unclear when their asylum claims will be processed. For now, many of the group’s members are in limbo.

“Some people have been here for one year in the camp or refugee center. We received a few days ago the news that some will be moved to another camp. It’s hard because they have a life and friends there already and they are being moved again, they’ll have to build everything again. I think maybe they are being moved because more people are coming,” Jukka Palonen, a Jehovah’s Witness from Finland, told Newsweek.