Anderson’s CRTC letter clearly within ethics guidelines

OTTAWA, ON, October 22, 2013 – Cypress Hills MP and Parliamentary Secretary, David Anderson, reacted this morning to a letter from the Ethics Commissioner confirming that his correspondence to the CRTC was appropriate.

“I am pleased to have the Ethics Commissioner’s review. I welcome her input. I would not have written the letter if I had not been comfortable that I could represent my constituents in this matter.”

Anderson was responding to a CP wire article, written two weeks ago. The story was submitted by a reporter who asked the Ethics Commissioner if Anderson had sought permission to send out the letter. When the Commissioner replied that she had not and would look into it, the reporter generated an article with the help of a back bench NDP MP which left readers with the impression that something improper had occurred.

“The Office of the Ethics Commissioner performs a valuable service for Parliamentarians and the public,” Anderson stated. “It is regrettable that this important work was distracted with this unnecessary media inquiry.