David Anderson – Committee Evidence SDIR 54

David Anderson
Cypress Hills—Grasslands, Saskatchewan
Subcommittee on International Human Rights of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development

I want to thank the witnesses for coming here today, and some are old friends of ours. We’re not happy to be here, but we’re happy you can be with us today.

I just have a question. My perception is that through all of this, the real issue is the role of the military, and that behind all the issues around the promotion and the destruction of the democracy, the military has been the pivotal institution.

I’m just wondering if I can get your comments. When this is all resolved when Mr. Maduro is gone, even with a newer election and a new day dawns, will there be real change, or will the military simply find one more puppet, one more leader, to put in place to protect its power and its corruption? I’m just interested in your thinking on that. Will the military give up its power, and if so, how will that happen?