Christian woman killed in Idlib

By Christian Solidarity Worldwide

CSW has learned that a Syrian Christian woman was murdered in Idlib Province after being repeatedly raped, tortured and stoned.

The body of Susanne Der Krykor was discovered on 9 July 2019 at her home in the Christian village of Yaqubya in the Idlib countryside. She is one of a few Christians who decided to remain in their homes in Yaqubya and Qnayeh villages after the region was taken over by jihadist groups such as Noussra Front (the Syrian branch of al Qaeda) and the Turkistan Islamic Party, which comprises ethnic Uyghur jihadists from China fighting in Syria.

Susanne Der Krykor was a retired teacher of Armenian heritage in her early 60s who volunteered most of her time to teach children Arabic language and other subjects, assisting them in their exam preparations. Those who knew her have praised her integrity, bravery and resilience. Ms Der Krykor regularly attended a weekly women’s meeting at the village’s church and her body was discovered when the local priest sent someone to check on her when she did not turn up for the meeting.