Anderson Disappointed in Speech from the Throne

“Canadians will soon be choking on the thin gruel that was the Speech from the Throne.”david-anderson-2

Ottawa, ON – David Anderson, Member of Parliament for Cypress Hills-Grasslands and Official Opposition critic for International Human Rights and Religious Freedom, expressed his disappointment with today’s Throne Speech.

“Today’s Throne Speech offers much in the way of spending commitments but little in the way of details,” said Anderson. “There was a commitment to higher taxes, legalization of marijuana, and to making the military ‘leaner.’  Other initiatives such as Senate Reform and electoral change will make it more difficult to represent rural areas such as south west Saskatchewan.”

Agriculture was not even mentioned and international trade was put on the back burner. “The Liberals’ increased antagonism toward the energy sector will be most damaging in Western Canada and especially in south west Saskatchewan,” said Anderson.

The Speech also renewed the Government’s decades old gun control agenda without giving details.

“It’s unfortunate that so much of this is a rehash of old Liberal policies. The biggest threat is the Government’s determination to run massive deficits and impose huge tax hikes. The one thing they have not said is what this will cost Canadians. How much is all this spending going to take out of Canadians’ pockets? Canadians will soon be choking on the thin gruel that was the Speech from the Throne,” concluded Anderson.