Cypress Hills – Grasslands Riding Profile

20080227-Anderson-ridingThe electoral district of Cypress Hills–Grasslands (Saskatchewan) has a population of 60,983 (2011 census profile) with 45,426 registered voters and 147 polling divisions.

The electoral district of Cypress Hills – Grasslands is located in the southwest corner of Saskatchewan, bordering Alberta and the United States. As the second largest riding in the province, the region has a diverse agricultural industry that produces everything from spring wheat and durum to specialty crops, such as lentils and chickpeas.

From the Great Sandhills to the Cypress Hills, southwestern Saskatchewan is a unique region of Canada that boasts a variety of attractions.

City of Swift Current

The city of Swift Current began as a Canadian Pacific Railway bridge and water depot after the French traders christened it “Riviere Au Courant”. It is now the only Saskatchewan city with a widely recognized nickname, Speedy Creek. Swift Current creek stretches one hundred miles from the Cypress Hills to empty into the South Saskatchewan River.

Cypress Hills

One of the most unique physical characteristics of the riding are the Cypress Hills that stretch from southwest Saskatchewan to southeast Alberta. This area is home to many cattle ranches and Cypress Hills Provincial Park.

Eastend, Saskatchewan

The town of Eastend is a surprising little town located in the west end of the riding at the beginning of the Cypress Hills. What makes this town even more unique, is that it is home to the skeletal remains of a T-Rex dinosaur, commonly referred to by locals as ‘Scotty’.

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